Monthly Archives: January 2005

Into the light

Went to Iglo ljuscafé yesterday to have some breakfast & light therapy. A very nice way to start the day here in cold, dark Sweden.mb processing payday loan

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Born nightowls

Well, it seems that Hal is a fan of Guns, germs and steel, too. And now Jared Diamond has published a new book. I’ll have to pick it up somewhere. Hal also provides some scientific support for the thesis that … Continue reading

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Early morning

Not much time to write. Intense with Petra, intense work. Good thing I am well rested after our healthful week at Masesgården.generic viagra online

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Back in town

Recipe for happiness: walk down to a beautiful lake, fire up the sauna, hack up the ice with an axe, wait inside sauna until suitably warm… and enjoy! viagra online pharmacy

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