Yesterday (or maybe some other day. I’m still on vacation) I registered this site as a weblog. I even uploaded my own banner ad – maybe some graphics wiz can help me get it right, later:

OK, fine… but why?

Some people want to make The List – or at least some list, like this one. There are others who think all these lists are just grown-up versions of stupid high-school games. I clicked on a lot of banners today and found I agreed with Medley about this:

The weblog-community, such as it is, is dominated by men, often aggressive, who are often very concerned with demonstrating their technical prowess and their latest ‘cool tool.’ It’s annoying… this diary/weblog/whatever-you-call-it… is a place for me to get away from all that.

So what about me? A little bit of everything. It was fun when Dave Winer linked to my little Santa story, since I have enjoyed his stuff for years – and I am amazed that I am still on this list. Yes, I do have cool technical things to talk about and maybe I will – but only if I think it’s fun.

Meanwhile I’ll just write and see what happens.

Christmas may be over, but I think my friend Jeanette’s advent calendar is funny anyway. If you don’t understand the swedish jokes, try this dictionary. But you won’t find bakis, which means hungover.

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2 Responses to Weblogging?

  1. Kristina Andersson says:

    The story about 5 and 8 was interesting in many ways!

  2. Jonas Beckman says:

    Glad you think so. I didn’t want to spell everything out. What ways did you think of?

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