Annual update

in retrospect, this has been another great year. I followed the same plan: get in really good shape, improve my professional life, open up for a richer social life. In that order. Build the foundation first.

I am healthy and in good shape, training hard most days of the week: swimming, box, spinning and so on. But every workout is it’s own reward. There are no ambitious plans to compete in anything. I prefer dabbling in a few select things, progressing slowly and enjoying my moments of discovery.

I work for my own company, doing things like mobile development, Open Data API:s and hands-on project management. So how do you maintain a professional edge and find interesting people? There are lots of answers to that question. But for me, managing small strategic projects for large customers has always been a great learning experience. And I have never regretted using Open Source and dynamic languages as much as I can.

All work and no play? Sometimes it feels that way. How do you find time for reflection and all those things that happen slowly and take time? One moment at a time, I guess. There has been many small but wonderful moments this year and that’s all anyone can ask for.

By the way, I just found a marvellous quote on Twitter. It’s in Swedish, but I’ll make a rough translation:

New Year’s Eve is the most beautiful day of the year. Everything is either too late or has not begun yet.

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Another brief update (to be continued…)

Soon another year has passed and this one has been good to me.

I am probably in better physical shape than I have ever been and enjoy life in many ways. I have wonderful friends, live in a beautiful city… life is good!

Work is also getting better and better, for several reasons. One was my decision to focus on Android this year, another having the luck to work with very talented persons who encourage me to grow.

But tomorrow I am off for some vacation. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Brief update

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. But I am alive and very well and still living in Stockholm.

As a software developer, I keep meeting and working with people who share my enthusiasm for Open Source and dynamic languages. But I also do more conventional consulting. In these turbulent times, my current gig is a very interesting place to be: The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Working hands-on with insider information is definitely changing my perspective on some things.

But all work and no play makes Jonas a dull boy. As usual this time of the year, I do regular sauna and winter bathing. I also read a lot, watch all kinds of great live music and hang out with my family & my friends. Sweden is cold and dark right now – but life is good!

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See you at Pycon

Well, it’s been a while.

I found new friends through EuroPython this summer. Currently, my main gig is for KMM (Knowledge Management in Museums), a Nordic/European cultural heritage project. Lots of interesting infrastructure work and almost all Python: Django, xmpppy… and I have just added rdflib to the mix. Haven’t had this much fun for a long time. Last week was hectic though, as we prepared the public sites for a re-launch. I will write more soon!

Some of the others are going to Amsterdam to meet the European Digital Library people. But me, I’m going to Chicago. I’ll bring my Mac and see what happens – see you there!
PyCon 2008: Chicago

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First day of EuroPython 2007

Yes, I finally made it to EuroPython this year. Flew in from Stockholm to Vilnius late last night. Very, very friendly place so far. More later… I’m waiting for the first speaker now.

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Running in the cold rain

The year is almost over. Perhaps I’ll write a summary a little later.

But right now, I’m just back in from a long run in the cold rain: across bridges, along railroad tracks, into the woods and down to the water again. Slow steady running for an hour and a half. Sometimes that’s the best feeling. Only in the middle, going up the highest hills, did I give in to tempation and really maxed my pulse. Then kept going, but slowly again.

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Impra – network of female musicians in Scandinavia in genres as Jazz/Improvised/Electronica/Alternative – had a party tonight. Lots and lots of great music. I have a special jazz friend… she knows everyone and tells me about these things. Life is good!

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Happy Birthday, Garret!

Dangerousmeta is aging like a great wine.

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Real moblogging?

Real moblogging

Quiet afternoon close to central Stockholm. Very warm for this time of the year… as long as the sun is up it still feels like summer. A long walk in the sun is the cure for many ills.

I can email from my phone to Flickr and it automatically ends up here. Is that real moblogging? No. I can’t give you my phone and tell you to moblog something – you’ll never find all the necessary clicks yourself. Until it becomes that easy spontaneity is lost.

And spontaneity is important even for people who work with lots of photos. For instance, Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase does ethnographic work and advocates a mixture of serious preparation and very simple methods. Via

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Saturday Python

Python is an old love of mine. These days, it’s hotter than ever: Python 2.5 is out, Microsoft released IronPython 1.0 for DotNet and the wild visions of PyPy are starting to look real.

Right now I’m trying to translate PyPy from sources on Windows. In other words, I’m just fooling around. Python 2.4 or 2.5? Can I get by with Visual Studio 2005 or do I really have to reinstall some old VS 2003 compiler? Maybe MinGW again? We’ll see…

PyPy versions

Python developers are fascinating. I’ve been lurking around some of these mailing lists and weblogs for years, but there is always more to learn.

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